Bee Home Beehives

Natural Beekeeping with the Farmstead hive system


Windows  with hinged covers allow you to watch the bee's progress without disturbing them

Frames  facilitate inspection, maintenance, and honey harvesting

Slide-out screen  in the base allows easy cleaning without moving the hive boxes


Winter survival  is greatly enhanced by

  • square design so bee cluster covers more of the frame area where honey is stored
  • external inspection through windows keeps heat in the hive
  • thick, full one inch dimension lumber for better insulation
  • ventilated quilt box design for insulation, draft blocking, and excellent moisture control

Two-level roof  design reduces sun loading to help keep cool during the summer

Sturdy construction  with rabbet joints, waterproof wood glue, and deck screws


Open frames  allows bees to draw comb with thickness and cell size they determine

Rough-cut lumber  with rich texture and beautiful colors that blend easily with surroundings